Google Pixel 4a- Price, Over View , Specifications

The all new Google Pixel 4a has been announced today (03/08/2020) with a price that is hard to look over. The Google’s budget banger is priced at $349 and its turning heads all over the world. Let’s have a look on this new Pixel 4a and see what it has to offer on this competitive price.

Simplicity at its best

The new Google Pixel 4a comes in a single variant with 6GB and 128Gb RAM and Storage option respectively. That’s not it, this device is coming in just one color which is matte black with its signature colored power button i.e. skyblue this time around.

So its pretty obvious to ask what Google had in mind before launching this device. The answer is not that difficult actually. Google Pixel lineup is known for its cameras which is evident in the Pixel 4a as well. The Pixel 4a boasts a 12MP primary sensor which is the only lens on the back of the phone. In the days where manufacturers are constantly increasing the number of camera lenses Google is sticking to one and still crushing it everytime when it comes to images.


Let’s talk about the design for a moment. Google, for a long time has been messing up the design of their phones. Fortunately, this has changed with the Pixel 4a. The body is a plastic unibody design which seems bad at first, although I think its not, at the price point. The body is sturdy and not a fingerprint magnet and grips well too. The main change is on the front. The bezels are narrowed down a lot and there is a punch-hole camera on the front unlike alien looking notches that Google offered in previous generations. There is a single speaker at the bottom of the phone which is not the most ideal speaker system I’d say, but there is a headphone jack on the top which to me, compensates the overall media experience.


The Google Pixel 4a is a not a beast when it comes to performance but rather an efficient kind. It has a Snapdragon 730G processor which is a good performer but the Snapdragon 765G on the Oneplus Nord is 20% and the A13 bionic on the Apple’s iPhone SE is 100% faster than the Pixel’s chipset. So it’s safe to say that performance is not one of the strengths of this phone.

The screen on the the Google Pixel 4a is a 60Hz OLED panel with good brightness range. Though the 60Hz refresh rate feels a little outdated these days, it’s not a deal breaker at the price point. Overall we will have to wait for the device to come to our hands to give a final verdict on the phone but the great question will remain to be, “Is there any better option at Google Pixel 4a price?”

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