Remember the Artificial Intelligence Robots you see in the movies like Avengers, I Robot, Ex Ma china, etc. What if this fantasy became a reality. What was once a plot device in Sci-Fi flicks is in the process of being born.

Technology is moving at a break neck speed, and we have more power in our pockets than we did in 1990’s.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to improve our daily lives but is it completely beneficial because many fear that the rise of AI might replace us humans in the workplace.

Their narrow AI’s embedded in your GPS system, Amazon recommendation. But the ultimate goal is general intelligence a self-teaching system that can outperform humans.

So, how exactly Artificial Intelligence will effect our lives in the future, let’s take a look at that.

(I) Automated Transportation

Automation is most likely the primary reason why Artificial Intelligence came into existence. We’re already seeing the beginning of self-driving cars although the vehicles are currently required to have a driver present at the wheel for safety.

Artificial Intelligence

(II) Cyborg Technology

Being a human has many limitations. But with AI we will be able to augment ourselves with computers and enhance many of our abilities. Now that sounds pretty cool right.

(III) Solution to world’s biggest problems

Since, machines have access to a large number of data sets they can be quite helpful in solving the world’s biggest problems, Climate change being one of them. Using big data they might be able to solve these problems and hence make the world a better place to live.

(IV) Education

Textbooks are digitized with the help of AI, early-stage virtual tutors assist human instructors and facial analysis gauges the emotions of students to help determine who’s struggling or bored and better tailor the experience to their individual needs.

(V) War Robots

What we discussed before are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence which will impact our lives in a positive way. What are the negative impacts of this technology on our lives?

To me, the biggest threat to humanity after nuclear warheads is “WAR ROBOTS”. People say that AI will become out of our control and rebelling against us is the biggest threat to humanity but they are wrong. In my opinion, how humans will use AI against each other is the only and biggest fear of mine. And knowing our history I think it’s quite probable.


Although we have no idea what our future looks like, it is quite obvious that one day AI will be a huge part of our daily life. This technology will definitely help our society evolve. We should be optimistic about our future because even though whatever happens the future seems quite interesting. And I am quite excited to be part of this evolution.

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